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lgbt 2015

jueves, 1 de diciembre de 2011

Alfredo Ferreyra - Do's and Dont's for Mr. Gay World 2011

Do's and Dont's for Mr. Gay World 2011

Welcome to Mr Gay World 2011. In this 'rulebook' we set out the agreement we have with you in accepting your application to be a delegate at Mr Gay World 2011. It is fair, sensible and should not be surprising to you in any way. It is designed to help you get the most out of what can be a wonderful experience in MGW. Your participation in the contest means you accept in full the simple rules and guidelines set out below:

WINSTRUCK EVENTS PRODUCTION AND MARKETING and the MR. GAY WORLD ORGANIZATION, are very pleased to join with you in producing an excellent event where we can be as proud of you as you can be of us. For that to happen we need to set some simple ground rules that acknowledges you are an adult and that we are already impressed by your achievements. We respect you as a person who has made a great effort to stand up for your national gay community, and to raise your airfare, clothes and other requirements to join us for this wonderful event in Manila. For some it will be your first visit to experience Asian culture – you will have an amazing experience! We have compiled these reasonable conditions which will guide you in presenting yourself and your country at its very best to the rest of the world in Mr. Gay World 2011.

We insist you enjoy yourself! We know you will meet a wonderful cross section of gay men in Manila and we hope you make lasting friendships. You have been selected because we have great faith in you. We are working hard to present to the world, that part which accepts us and that part which rejects us, a group of young men, we are proud to call our gay brothers. Here's how we can both make this work:

Don't forget to bring your Passport to land safely into the Philippines and to prove your identity to us.

Please take care of yourself, avoid all potential hazards and take out travel/health insurance. We will do our best to provide you with a safe and hazard free environment, and we expect you to respect your own safety and the safety of others.

Be polite and co-operative with others, be they contestants, audience, or the volunteers who have worked so hard to ensure the success of this event. Respect and enjoy the difference in cultures you will encounter at this worldwide event. Respect is the main task of each delegate and organizer and we know we can rely on you to lead by example.

Be on time, co-operate, be patient, and participate in all training, workshops, photo-shoots, rehearsals, bar tours, and performances with a smile.

Be a good sport - help your colleagues. Thank the sponsors who have supported your participation in this event.

Don’t be shy. If you are uncomfortable with any matter please ask the advice of your regional director - Europe, Oceania, Americas, Asia, Africa, etc. They are there to help you through this daunting and exciting task. It will fly by – so don't waste a minute!

There are many different ways of expressing oneself, and some cultures can seem strange, so if you are unsure, ask before you react.

Asian culture is welcoming, polite, and non-aggressive. Please reflect that in your behavior. You are an ambassador.

Enjoy a drink or two but never have too many that others will stop enjoying your company. It will also tire you out in the heat for the activities of the next day! You are an Ambassador. The Philippines loves a good Pageant. You will be ambassadors for MGW and your own country – make sure you attract attention for all the right reasons!

MGW has the exclusive rights to use, publish, and reproduce all images, videos, pictures, and recorded materials of you in perpetuity, without limit or fees, so remember you might be photographed when you least expect it! MGW will only use images in appropriate media with appropriate captions. We want you to be presented at your best, so your help in this regard is appreciated! If you are ever uncomfortable in a photo-shoot or with a request at any event, please consult your delegate manager immediately.

Role models do not use drugs! You will not use any substance in any illegal or inappropriate way while associated with MGW. Like any other country, drugs are illegal in the Philippines. We will assist you if you get into difficulties in most matters, but not in the use of drugs. You are on your own, and it will not surprise you that any title you may have will be immediately revoked.

Be nice when you post comments or photographs on the web. Make sure whatever you have posted reflects well on you and your fellow contestants. Remember to cover up anything that should not be seen in the photographs of a role model in your existing posts or albums. There are many media who want to negatively sexualize gay life and culture, don't give them the opportunity to use you, any delegate, or your friends in this destructive way.

Don’t forget to bring your national costume and formal wear and of course to bring it home again! You are responsible to bring all your clothes and accessories to and from each event – MGW can not replace any loss. Remember if the item is not yours – do not remove it.

Family members, boyfriends or anyone colleague or supporter is not allowed in during scheduled trainings, workshops, photo-shoots, rehearsals, bar tours, guestings and any other function during the competition. Why? We want them to be as impressed and surprised about how good you are when they see you on stage! You need to concentrate on your 'new MGW family' for just five short days – it is worth the effort.

It is important for us that any of your friends network with the other delegations and make sure they join in social gatherings and public activities. We will all look out for each other. Everyone is welcome at MGW! Everyone deserves to enjoy the Manila Flare!

If you are lucky enough to be selected in the top three, then you have conquered the world! As a world champion, you will not need to enter into any other similar events until your reign is over in Spring 2012. If in doubt, check it out with MGW, who will act as your exclusive manager and agent for the year for the top three contestants. All previous contracts are deemed terminated once you accept your title in MGW, for the year. All contestants who publicly refer to their association with MGW in the future need to clear the use of the title in advance of any publicity for any other competition, publicity or event. It should be easy to get clearance for most things, but we need to protect the integrity of the title which we all share. We know you will co-operate with that for the year – thank you.

Are you lucky enough to be sponsored or have an agent/contract or other obligation already? Please send us a list of any associations you have committed to in order to avoid any misunderstandings. Please also promote our sponsors as a thank you for their generosity.


Please don't compromise yourself or the competition during the event. Join in the fun, but don't go out alone with a judge or organizer – it looks bad for all concerned.

Make sure your boyfriend or supporters don't canvass support for you – it really gives our esteemed judges a very bad impression of you. They can work for you for the webvote, but leave the competition to be fair to everyone.

There is a wide range of marks available and you would be advised to put your energies into impressing all the judges rather than one or two, as it takes many marks to win!

Talk to everyone on social outings, especially our local hosts – it is a great way to get a big cheer at the Grand Final!

Great care has been taken in selecting our esteemed judges. Regardless of their nationality, they will be working only for MGW. We require them to pick the best person regardless of their ethnic origin – the event is as much a test for them as for you! They will have a difficult task with the quality of our 2011 contestants. Their questions are designed to give you an opportunity to be your best, not to trick or embarrass you. No negativity will be tolerated from contestants or judges, and of course the decision of the judges is final and cannot be subject to appeal or protest. We have made every effort to ensure our system is transparent and impartial, because we all want the best man to win!

You, by your presence in Manila, is taken that you agree to abide by the rules and guidelines of MGW, as stated in this booklet and other official correspondence. In the event of a dispute the decision of the Board of MGW on the advice of the Director of Rules and Policy is final.

The team at MGW will be disappointed if you do not have a wonderful experience with MGW Manila 2011. They have worked so hard on our behalf. They are your hosts – we are their guests.

MGW is now in its third year and staffed by committed volunteers who want to change the way society sees its gay brothers and sisters. This is not a modeling competition, it is an opportunity to discover and celebrate what binds us together worldwide. We stand in solidarity with the gay men from countries who can live an open loving gay lifestyle, who face discrimination, persecution or death and who are not free to compete in MGW.

MGW is one event that allows us all to think beyond ourselves and to stand with others. Reflect on which one of the other contestants you would like to see as our 2011 winner! He could be right beside you! Our judges will choose a man who we all will be proud to represent that ambition on the world stage. We will return you to your countries and continents as our proud ambassadors for 2011. You are part of a great international team – be proud to play your part!

Don't waste a moment of this experience of a lifetime! When you return home think of how you can make the MGW title and objectives more known in your own country and community. Stand up for your fellow LGBT community nationally and internationally. That is your prize and it is one worth winning – regardless of the final result.

Enjoy every moment and we hope you will be as proud of us at the end of your year, as we are of you when we welcome you to Manila in March 2011. Thank you for reading and implementing this important document. Keep it with you and if in doubt – ask!

Congratulations you are already a winner!

ACKNOWLEDGED BY: ______________________________________

(Please sign over your printed full name)

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