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lgbt 2015

jueves, 1 de diciembre de 2011

Alfredo Ferreyra - Delegates’ Handbook 2011 Last Updated January 15, 2011

Delegates’ Handbook 2011

Last Updated: January 15, 2011

Dear Delegates,
It is with my greatest pleasure I welcome the Delegates to the 2011 Mr. Gay World Competition. Thank you for being part of a global movement in making this a better and safer place for all of our citizens Let the competition begin, see you in Manila! Warmest regards, Eric Butter President and Founder Mr. Gay World Organization Dear Delegates,

This is your Mr. Gay 2011 Manila, Philippines ~ Manila Flare Official Handbook.

This information was put together to make your stay in Manila and the competition as pleasant, easy and memorable as possible.

Please read this information carefully. It will prepare you for the competition.

It will give you important information and hopefully it will show the way to a once in a lifetime experience!

We have been preparing your stay with a team of very dedicated and warm people. We will do our very best to make sure that this competition will be a positive experience for you all.

Welcome to the Pearl of the Orient – welcome to Manila, Philippines!

Noemi Alberto

Director for Asia

Mr. Gay World Organization
Mr. Gay World 2011 Manila, Philippines Manila Flare Official Handbook

Mr. Gay World 2011 takes place in Manila, Philippines on

March 09-14, 2011

All of the Delegates need to arrive in Manila no later than 11am (eleven am) Manila Time.

If there are no flights from your country that will reach Manila by 09 March 2011, please arrive a day or 2 earlier.

It is advisable to arrive early for you to recover from jetlag and get a good rest before the first official day of Mr. Gay World 2011. However, accommodation and other miscellaneous expenses for yourself & friends or family before March 09 will be at your own cost.

Please inform us of your arrival and departure times as soon as possible. This is very important! We will be staying in HOLLIDAY INN GALERIA One Asian Development Avenue, Ortigas Center, Pasig City PHILIPPINES Website:

If friends, fans, your producer or others needs a room,

please get more information here .

Some words about clothing:

March is Summer in Manila. The temperature may range from 30 to 36

degrees Celsius (86 to 96 Fahrenheit).

The secret is to dress light colored and comfortable clothes. You may bring hats, visors, sunglasses, sunblock, flipflops and other summer paraphernalia.

Many of the activities, as well as the final competition will be videotaped. Delegates must understand that the show may be broadcasted domestic and foreign, without any limitations, and without any fee to the contestants. All Delegates must be willing to be photographed and videotaped at all times. Rehearsals Technical Rehearsal will be held in the afternoon, on the day of the FINALE (MARCH 13, 2011 Sunday). They are hard work, but necessary! The people guiding you through your rehearsals are highly-respected professionals who know exactly what it takes to make you look your best. Your success and stage confidence will depend upon your willingness to BE COOPERATIVE. PLEASE LISTEN TO DIRECTIONS, FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS AND ALWAYS BE ON TIME! For rehearsals, you should wear what will be most comfortable for movement and stage practice. A very comfortable pair of shoes is most important. For dress rehearsals you should wear what you will be wearing in the contest finale.
* Please note that your family, friends, boyfriends and National Directors will not be able to attend stage rehearsals. * All mobile phones should be switched off or set to the silent mode during rehearsals or the show! We ask you to bring the following:


* National Costume

(A costume or outfit that tells something about where you are from.)
* Club wear

(Something you would like to wear if you went out for a night in the town.)

* Formal wear

(Something you would like to wear if you went for a classy charity dinner & During the Formal Wear Competition: preferably Black or Dark Colored Suites)

* Swim Wear

(Something you would like to wear on the beach or indoor pool to show of your physique)

* Nice blue jeans and a white and a black T-shirt

* Business wear

(Something you would like to wear for a job interview / PANEL INTERVIEW)

Remember! In given situations you will be asked to wear the "Club Wear", "Swim Wear",

"Business Wear" and in those situations you are going to be judged and given points.

We encourage you (maybe with the help of your National Director) to select a wardrobe so that you feel confident and comfortable throughout the Competition and during the official events of the competition. Your outfits should make you look and feel your absolute best. Remember you may be judged in your attire.


- Buffet Breakfast & Dinner will be provided by Mr. Gay World Organization & Donors.

- LUNCH is at cost to the Delegates.

- Uniform Sash will be provided by MGW. But you can also bring your own sash (optional)

- Don‟t forget to bring a „gift‟ (small souvenir from your country) for your co-delegates

- Bring your own supply of medicine (motion sickness, fever, headache, colds, etc.)

- Bring sun block & your own vanity kit and make-up.

- Please also bring a souvenir for auction. Proceeds of the auction will go to MGW‟s Red Ribbon Campaign.

- Bring a gay magazine from your country.



a. A delegate is entitled to only 1 free Finale pass for his Producer or Friend or Family.

b. If a delegate‟s family/friend/supporter wants to join MGW activities, he/she shall be accounted for his/her own costs (like transportation, meal etc.)

- There will be 4 delegates sharing a room (2 bedroom suites with receiving area and 2 rooms). The DELEGATES’ ROOM is strictly for DELEGATES ONLY!


- No make-up artist / stylist will be accommodated inside the Delegates‟ Dressing Room during the Finale (IT IS YOUR OWN RESPONSIBILTY TO GROOM AND MAKE YOUR SELF BEATUTIFUL AND PLEASANT AT ALL TIMES SPECIALLY DURING THE GRAND FINALE NIGHT)

- * You will be solely responsible for all of your personal incidental expenses such as

phone calls, PAY-TV, clothes cleaning, mini-bar and room-service. These charges must

be paid before you check out of the hotel at ten (10am) on Monday, March 14, 2011.


IMPORTANT: Please remember that smoking is not allowed in the hotel. Additionally, we urge you not to get drunk in public, or at any of the Mr. Gay 2011 events. Use of drugs is prohibited. Any misconduct, non-observance of rules, use of drugs or disrespectful behavior by a Delegate may result in immediate dismissal from The Mr. Gay World 2011 Competition, as determined by the Competition officials.

* Please let us know by email ASAP if you need a translator. (Only if you really need it!)


You will be personally responsible for any overweight charges you incur en route to or from the competition. We recommend that you do not bring valuables. Please do not pack any documents necessary for registration in your suitcase, bring it on board in your hand luggage.

And remember no fluids in your hand luggage!


At the hotel, it is time for registration and hotel check-in. It is a time consuming process; therefore, your patience and co-operation will be appreciated. At check-in you will be asked to show your passport and valid travel insurance.

Currency (as of January 2011)

1 US$ = 42 PhP (Philippines Peso)

1 EURO = 56 Php (Philippines Peso)

If you win

If you are selected Mr. Gay World 2011 there will be photos, interviews and a brief press conference immediately following the contest.

You will be under contract of Mr. Gay World Organization, and therefore required to participate in these.

You may return to normal life after the competition is over, but any requests for personal appearances by you as Mr. Gay World 2011 must be coordinated through the Mr. Gay World Organization.

There are several categories to win.

Mr. Congeniality

Voted by your fellow Delegates. Treat the guys like you want them to treat you.

Popularity Vote

Voted by the public online. Make sure to send us good photos and put an effort into your official registration form.



You will get info on this challenge once you are in Manila.

Photosession / MR. PHOTOGENIC

Look your best and act your best during the photo session.



A nice body is one thing, great attitude and showmanship helps a lot as well!

The interview

Be prepared, dress to the occasion and be yourself! The judges are your friends!

Administration points

You all have the points when you start the week, show up in time, pay attention and do you your best and you will keep all the points for the final countdown.

The Personal Interview

The Personal Interview will be held on Saturday, March 12, 2011 with a preliminary panel of judges, gives you the opportunity to talk personally with the judges.

The interview is your chance to show them your "inner beauty" and character – all those qualities you wish to charm the jury with. Think of this as a job interview and dress accordingly and
make sure you leave the judges with no doubt that they should pick you as Mr. Gay World 2011.

Sometimes you have to undergo interviews and they can seem frightening and make you nervous. Here are a few reminders that hopefully will make you less nervous:

These judges are not your enemies. They want you to succeed and be charming. They want you to be super! That doesn‟t mean coming across as an arrogant ass; but being a genuine, healthy, and sane person they would want to work with.

Be yourself
, if time permits, ask one of the judges a question about them. Everyone loves to talk about themselves. Don‟t be too pushy or too eager.

Be honest. These judges are experienced people and will see right through you if you lie.

Try to "shine"
and be welcoming of their questions and smile and have fun with them. That‟s what this personal interview is all about.

Present yourself.
Even if the judges know something about you, present yourself as you meet the jury, tell them your name, your age and what country you represent - and if you feel for it, tell them your profession/what you study.

Here are some questions which you should try to answer by writing the answers down. That way you‟ll remember your own answers better. Be specific, but not too brief. Answer in full sentences. If you do not speak English answer them in your own language. These questions will be a good tool in training you to answer most questions thrown at you.

* Do you have any special skills?

* What would you like to change about yourself and why?

* What responsibilities have you had up until now?

* What are your best qualities?

* Name a role from a movie or a TV-series that you identify with and why?

* How would your best friend describe you in 5 words?

* What qualities should a good friend possess?

* What historic figure do you admire and why?

* What person or figure alive today, do you admire and why?

* Personal objectives: Where are you in a (1) year from now? Two years? 10 years?

* If you could give one million Euros to charity, what would you choose and why?

* You represent your native country abroad at a function. You have one minute to "sell" your

country. (Time yourself! – Did you remember to mention all the things you think it is important

that we know about your country?

* Tell us about your favorite childhood memory…

* If you could meet the President or Prime Minister of your country, what would you ask them

and why?

* And if you were President or Prime Minister of your country for a day, what would you like to

see changed?

* What qualities about yourself are you the most proud of, and what would you like to improve?

(Be honest!)

* How can you as a young gay man of today be the best role model for other young gay men of

tomorrow? * What is needed to become a successful model, actor, lawyer, politician, athlete or Mr. Gay World 2011?

* Do we do enough for our elderly in our society?

* We all agree that the use drugs are a growing problem. What do you think should be done to

promote a better and healthier way of life?

* Everyone think sexual harassment is wrong, but sometimes in court it is difficult to define the fine line of what sexual harassment is? How would you define it?

* We hear about violence in the media every day. We see violence on TV, in the movies, in

video games. Some suggest that this give kids ideas on how to use violence. What is your

opinion about this issue?

* Certain people have plastic surgery done to improve their appearance. Would you consider

having plastic surgery done in the future? Why? / Why not?

* Should an athlete suspected of using drugs be allowed to represent his or her country at a

sports event?

* There are people in our lives that touch us deeply. Who would you say has touched you the

most, in your life?

* Do you feel there are more child abuse cases today, or do you blame the Medias’ focus on the issue, and it being the reason for us hearing more about it?

* Do we have true racial problems today, and if so, what can be done to prevent it?

* If you were offered drugs at a club, how would you say no?

* Is there homophobia in your country – if yes, can you give us an example?

These questions are only designed for you to be able to articulate your thoughts freely and easy, and some of the questions can be a bit provoking.

Your job is to answer them in a clear and direct way without being irritated! If you answer these questions and write your answers down, you will have no problem facing the judges at the Mr. Gay World 2011 Competition.

These are only training questions for you.
You need not send us your written answers, but they should be a helpful tool for you to prepare for the contest and for you to be the best representative for your country.


Many reporters and photographers representing the local, national and international media will be covering the competition. If you are being interviewed; THINK BEFORE YOU SPEAK. If a question is asked and you would prefer not to answer it – say so. No one expects you to respond to questions which make you uncomfortable or which may be personal, or controversial in nature. Also, feel free to ask a reporter to repeat or clarify a question you do not understand. No one will think less of you, and you just may save yourself from an embarrassing response.

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